Are you hitting that business plateau, feeling stuck and just don’t know how to get out of it?
Don’t get me wrong — business is humming along, the team is doing fine, but you’ve been wanting that break through for a while now.
You’re secretly frustrated, but you just don’t know what the next step is.
You keep this frustration to yourself, of course.
Gotta put on that happy face for your team and your clients.
After all, you’re doing great in others’ eyes… but I know you’re ready for something more.
What’s missing?
You’ve done all the courses.
You’ve implemented a ton.
You’re working the hours…
You see spikes in growth, but it always comes back to the same thing.
It’s been going on for months, maybe years now and you know it’s time to elevate, but you just don’t know how.
Maybe  you’re ready to make a bigger impact and attract more clients?
Maybe you’re ready to finally let go of the fear and imposter syndrome and step in to action and confidence?
Maybe you’re fed up of being the world’s best kept secret?
Well, you’re not alone.
In fact, there are hundreds feeling the same way — suffering in silence. frustrated at the lack of momentum. You don’t want to fail.

Join ELEVATE and other awesome female business owners just like you.

A new 6-month program designed to help you own your power, align you back to your purpose and finally, welcome the profits that have been hiding in your business. 

In short, it’s designed to elevate your business to a whole new level.

If you:

  1. Already have a business that’s rocking, working with clients and getting them results
  2. Are making at least $15k a month in revenue
  3. Want to skyrocket your results even more
  4. And can keep a secret.


Click below to book in a chat to see if or how this program can help you. You’ll be speaking with one of my team members, and during the call, we’ll be discussing the following:

  • Getting really clear on what’s possible for you and your business goals
  • Figuring out the biggest mistakes that are keeping you from breaking past your business plateaus
  • Creating a solid action plan for the next 6-12 months so you can achieve your goals rapidly, but sustainably.

Essentially, you’re going to leave the conversation inspired, excited and ready to take your business to the next level.

I know it’s going to be revolutionary, and I’d like for you to experience the magic.


Janine is someone who brings out the best in both businesses and people. From solo-practice owners to large corporate businesses, she knows exactly how to extract their brilliance. From keynote speaking to mentoring to individual coaching I have seen nothing but exceptional results. If you get the opportunity to work with Janine on any level, do not pass it up. She's one in a million.

Nicola MorasBusiness Owner & Digital Queen

Janine has really helped me up my game with my business goals. Since joining the program, I’ve become clearer in my value proposition for my ideal clients and have more confidence in following my own path. I have launched a new program and started two new joint venture partnerships (with more to come).

Emma KirkwoodDirector - Beyond Frontiers Consulting

After feeling a bit stuck I got in touch with Janine and engaged her as a business mentor. I had been a long-time admirer of her work ethic and commercial smarts and I was not disappointed. Janine helped me crystalise my thinking, set me on a path of determined action, and did all of this with an “I’ve got your back” approach. And that was just at the first session!

Donna McGeorgeInternational speaker, bestselling author, online training, productivity & time management expert

Working with Janine changed my life. From the first time I saw Janine speaking I knew I had to work with her.
She was such an energy and you could tell just had a wealth of knowledge and experience that she wanted to share with you. From working with Janine and committing to do the work I have flourished.I feel confident and supported in a way I have never felt before in business. Since working with Janine I have real direction and focus.

Bec ChappellFounder & CEO, Plum Marketing

That was the best money I have ever spent on personal development. I joined because I was feeling frustrated, burnt out and lacked focus. Janine gave me the roadmap to carve out my path of brilliance. Finally I can step in to becoming the business woman I want to be.

Sia PapageorgiouStrategic Communications Consultant

Janine's program provides the right amount of structure, challenge, stretch and motivation to build your vision and take action, on all levels to achieve it, She helps you make choices, to create the sustainable changes needed to put you on the growth path that is important o you.

Lyndell FogartyPerform HR, Founder & CEO

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