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Being Resolute?

By January 2, 2013December 19th, 2016No Comments

2013Well, here we are everyone – it’s 2013! Happy New Year! And as always, we start talking about setting amazing New Year’s resolutions. Losing weight. Less chocolate binges. Less alcohol. More sleep!

Hmmmm… maybe that’s just my personal list?

Whatever your own personal resolutions may be – and I hope they are similar to mine, or I shall feel like a bit of a party girl – my question to you is this; do you actually keep these resolutions – and are they actually of any real value in the first place?

It’s admirable to want to be healthy and not cram junk food in at a rapid rate of knots. But that should be an everyday effort, not something that is a major thought process or goal setting session at the stroke of midnight as you quaff said verboten champagne.

Instead of resolutions, my suggestion is this; try for clarification.

Clarify your goals – for yourself, your career, your business.

Spend some time doing a SWOT for 2013, whether it is for your own business or business area if you work within the corporate arena. Use 2013 to really set some personal benchmarks – and exceed them. Expose your own weaknesses – and defy them. Of crucial importance is making sure you take the time to put ‘you’ in the equation – don’t make it all business focussed, or the weakness in your SWOT is already set in bold.

When you have done up the SWOT of ‘you’, and that window onto what you want for 2013 and beyond seems to be a little less smeary, sit back and close your eyes – and take one word from everything you have noted down. One word.

And make that word your own for the year to come. That word may even turn out to be ‘clarity’. It may be ‘me’. It may even be ‘resolve’.



I want to amplify the LBD community. Amplify revenue. Amplify product offerings. Amplify my profile, amplify my health, amplify my knowledge.

You know what? Maybe I have two words.

Because it looks as if I have very much found ‘Clarity’ on what I want for 2013.

Connect. Inspire. Succeed.

And Amplify!



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