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How To Make 2024 BETTERBe the best version of you.

It’s something that we’ve all heard before. And especially around this time of year I hear people making resolutions to do better, to be better, or to try their best. But what does that even look like? And in the pursuit of better what do we need to do, to turn better into our every day standard? 


I was recently inspired to think about this from an email I received from Jereshia Hawk but I thought I would put my own twist on it. 

So what does better actually look like? 

First, let’s start by saying what better does not look like. Better is not a race to the bottom, on pricing. Better does not look like comparing and competing against others in business. Better doesn’t come from hitting milestone after milestone, that’s simply a by-product of being better. Better looks like choosing to show up for yourself, it looks like staying true to your word and as I mentioned earlier this month, paying attention to your goals. 

So now that we understand better, how can we serve better? 

The heart of business lies in service. Operating from a place of genuine service attracts not just clients, but the right clients. It’s a magnetic force that aligns your offerings with those who need them the most. To serve better, start from within.

Understanding your capacity, knowing when to recharge, and mastering the art of delegation are crucial. Your internal peace is not a sacrifice for external validation. By building a business aligned with your values, you break free from the comparison trap.

But being better doesn’t sit squarely on your shoulders. After all, no one can do it alone, being better also requires better support. 

As the saying goes, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If your current network isn’t propelling you forward, it might be time to reevaluate. As you begin the journey to better you might notice that you need a new network that can provide the support you need. My advice here would be to start 4, your core 4, the people who ground you, the ones who cheer for you, the ones that teach and guide you, and the ones that you can lean on in hard times. 

Finally, better doesn’t exist without a strong sense of knowing who you are. In our pursuit of better, authenticity is our greatest asset. Being better isn’t about conforming to external standards; it’s about embracing every facet of ourselves. Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, emphasised the power of belief — a belief that stems from knowing and embracing your ‘who.’

In the journey of becoming your best self, the principle is simple: Embrace your perfectly imperfect and brilliant self. It’s about continual mastery, embracing the facets that make you unique, and, in turn, creating the space for others to do the same. 

How are you choosing to be better?

Janine x

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