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Janine spent 20 years working her way across the world putting together award-winning marketing campaigns and strategies for high-profile brands like Ralph Lauren, Oroton, Jaeger, Sainsbury’s Homebase and Citizen Watches. It was whilst working as a senior leader that she learnt about the power of connection and what it takes to unlock the brilliance in teams and leaders.

A highly sought-after keynote speaker, educator and author, Janine has worked with thousands of high-profile leaders from around the world and helped countless of Australia’s top 50 ASX companies and multinationals – EY, CBRE, DXC Technology, Hewlett Packard, Microfocus, Optus and CBA to name a few.

She is the best-selling author of Its Who You Know – How a network of 12 key people can fast-track your success and From Me To We – why commercial collaboration will future proof business, leaders and personal success.

  • Janine holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Aston University, UK and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the same university in 2016.
  • She is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School in The Art and Practice of Leadership,
  • She is a partner at Thought Leaders Global
  • Has won an International Stevie Award in recognition of her work.

On top of this Janine is super proud to have completed two Tough Mudders and one Spartan race and enjoys the hardest challenge of all – raising 3 teenage children.

When not on TV or radio, Janine’s thoughts and insights are regularly published in the media at The Huffington Post, CEO Magazine, Success Magazine, BRW, Women’s Agenda, AIM and The Australian.  She also is the host of her own podcast, Unleashing Brilliance, featuring the untold stories of individual success from people around the world.

 Janine believes that today, more than ever we need people, teams and companies willing to put in the extra needed to be truly brilliant. That we need leaders who are connected to their purpose and who will drive change. We need individuals brilliant enough to lead both in today’s complex environment and into tomorrow’s unknowns.

This requires collaboration, transformation and leverage and it demands better conversations, training and connection.

 Janine believes everyone has brilliance within waiting to be unleashed and this is why she does the work that she does.

AHRI awards

Janine’s program “Take the Lead” has been a finalist in 2018 & 2019 AHRI Awards. These Awards recognise the best HR practitioners, organisations and leaders paving the way for business best-practice.

AHRI awards

Janine and the team are accredited Level 2 Trainers  using the i4 Neuroleader Assessment which is a brain-based leadership and wellbeing tool that helps you identify and measure the competencies of Performance, Collaboration, Innovation and Agility. These competencies are essential to create the workplace environments of the 21st Century.


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