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I am passionate about connected leadership and building  high performing leaders and teams for today and tomorrow. 

Today's complex world needs adaptive  and collaborative working, the ability to network and connect, building relationships internally and externally that matter and individuals who are connected to their purpose, driving and influencing change.  

When we bring brilliant people together, we can create extraordinary results.   I am passionate about building leaders and teams that can lead themselves and each other in both today's complex world  and tomorrow's unknown.

Together we can  ultimately achieve so much more than anyone can ever do alone. This is the heart and soul of everything I do both personally and professionally. I love working with companies to bring out their best, their absolute brilliance and to understand the power and leverage opportunity that exists within their organisation.   

I’ll show you the power of WE over ME. From delivering keynotes and facilitating workshops on commercial collaboration, networking that matters or unleashing the influential leader within, to mentoring and motivating leaders and entrepreneurs – I’d love to work with you.

Together, we’ll make the remarkable really happen.

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Need to inform, educate and inspire change? Then you need leadership smarts and insights tailored to your required outcomes and delivered in a fun, engaging and energetic way.
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Accelerate your success.  Become a connected, high performing leader.  I help clever people become commercially smart. Own your own story, be your own success and tell it to the world.
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Connect. Collaborate. Captivate. Increase your  capability, potential, confidence and ability to influence change with workshops and in-depth customised programs.
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Its Who You KnowHow a Network of 12 Key People Can Fast-Track Your Success

Networking is no longer about collecting business cards and meeting
thousands of people; it's about knowing the right people, and nurturing those relationships.

Sure networking matters but it’s YOUR personal network that matters more. Networking the right way builds your success, increases team engagement and creates more opportunity to build client relationships that matter.  Networking builds personal and professional success.

Learn how to build a small, strategic and successful network that works for you, not against you.

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"Networking genius"

Kieran Flanagan February 17, 2017

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From Me To WeWhy Commercial Collaboration Will Future Proof Business, Leaders and Personal Success

The future outlook is one of uncertainty and constant challenges, and that ‘Me’ space you’ve lived in for so long isn’t enough anymore.

To succeed on a long-term basis, you will need to engage and understand the value of your team – those who ideate, who create, who support. You will need to embrace the worth of commercial collaboration, and enter the ‘We’ space.

‘From Me To We’ is a savvy guide filled with tools, ideas and suggestions for a smarter way of thinking that will position you for future commercial success.

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"Great leaders know that we can do more together than we ever can alone. In today’s accelerated and competitive world, building strong relationships that are not only mutually rewarding, but commercially smart, is the new imperative. Garner’s book will help you do just that."

Margie Warrell February 17, 2017

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Lessons, learnings, musing and insights from leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs and other awesome people

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Head of Talent Development and Diversity APAC, CBRE

Janine is a truly wonderful facilitator and speaker. Her content is always cutting edge, modern and reflective of what is currently happening in business today. Janine brings a wonderful energy with everything she delivers. She truly has a great ability to flex and change her style to the area that she is working in, whether that’s one-on-one coaching, facilitating large workshops for senior attendees or large-scale speaker sessions for groups of corporates.

Head of Talent Development and Diversity APAC, CBRE

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I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU Janine for sharing your insights and wisdom on the power of working together, the need to drive influential leadership and the importance of having a balanced lifestyle. I have received amazing feedback from so many involved in the workshops yesterday. Your energy, passion and determination is truly inspirational!

Event Marketing, Cisco Systems Australia

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Janine ran a comprehensive program for development of our top talent. Herapproach, and her personality, led to this being an extremely successful program to the extent that we have re-engaged her for a second and improved version this year. I would strongly recommend talking to Janine if you want to do something different when it comes to developing staff.

Vice President, Communications, Media and Entertainment Industry, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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