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Do you need mentoring?

Are you ready to accelerate your success?

Are you ready to take yourself to new heights?

Are you ready to commit to what you really want – in your life, your business, or your career?

Are you ready for the ultimate level of support?

Every year, Janine works with a limited number of clients 1-on-1 to discover, ignite and unlock the strategies and plans to take their business or career to new heights.

Working 1-on-1 with Janine is not just about talking about change; it’s about making change happen.

It’s about identifying, taking action, being held accountable and achieving your goals.

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Janine has the remarkable ability to see through the fog of uncertainty and to provide insightful guidance and clarity of thought. She is passionate, dedicated and genuinely interested in ensuring you get the most out of every interaction with her. In working with Janine over the past 12 months in a mentoring capacity I have valued her ideas, ability to challenge and pragmatic solutions. I'd highly recommend working with her.

Michelle Gibbings - business owner

Janine is an amazing ball of energy who let's nothing get in her way or slow her down in the pursuit of inspiring people. She offers tremendous encouragement, leverages her varied and talented network of colleagues and provides a toolkit for professionals to be the best they can be.

Nick Faris – Corporate executive, Global IT company

Janine is amazing. I've known Janine and known of Janine since 2010, so I think I'm qualified to sing her praises! Janine is someone who brings out the best in both businesses and people. From solo-practice owners to large corporate businesses, she knows exactly how to extract their brilliance. From keynote speaking to mentoring to individual coaching I have seen nothing but exceptional results. If you get the opportunity to work with Janine on any level, do not pass it up. She's one in a million.

Nicola Moras – Business Owner

I have always found Janine to be smart, savvy and strategic. He advice is as cut-through as it is practical. Perhaps more importantly in this era of crazy busy, I find her to be one of the very few to think how she can help others achieve great things even when they are not sitting right in front of her. She is one of the most generous people I have had the good fortune of working and collaborating with and am proud to call her a mentor of mine.

Paul Broadfoot – Business Owner

In the last quarter of 2017, after feeling a bit stuck I got in touch with Janine and engaged her as a coach/mentor over 3 sessions. I had been a long-time admirer of her work ethic and commercial smarts and I was not disappointed. Janine helped me crystalise my thinking, set me on a path of determined action, and did all of this with an “I’ve got your back” approach. And that was just at the first session!

Donna McGeorge – International keynote speaker and best-selling author

Apply to work 1-on-1 with Janine

Not all private mentoring applications will be successful. All applicants will be assessed and contacted to see suitability and those suitable will then have a 1-on-1 conversation with Janine.

In this meeting you’ll both work out what your needs, your goals and the best program fit for your personal circumstance.

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