Want to really empower the key personnel in your organisation to become great leaders? Growth and real progress happen over time.

I’m passionate about working with leaders to drive change, and bring great teams together to create remarkable results.

There are three programs I offer to help you achieve this:

  • Take The Lead ™
    Develop high-performing future leaders
    Develop your female leadership pipeline
  • Thought Leadership
    Develop your organisation’s key personnel, your internal ‘Thought Leaders’ or Subject Matter Experts, to help position and market your business success.

Take The Lead ™

People are your organisation’s greatest asset. Retaining your top talent, increasing their capability and capacity, and supporting the future pipeline of your leaders is the key to your organisational success.

You must take the lead to develop your talent’s career, and inspire them to do more. Sponsor your future talent, uncover their brilliance and empower them to drive your organisation's competitive advantage.

All organisations, large and small, face the following challenges:

  • Fast changing environment – business is evolving at break-neck speed, so your team and your talent need to be agile, work together and have a change mindset to thrive in the new commercial economy.
  • Accountability – our teams need to be accountable, working together and improving cross-functional input to drive change and deliver business goals.
  • Battle for attention – consumers and clients are demanding more and our teams need to embrace an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, by sharing their intelligence.
  • War for talent – attracting and retaining your best and brightest the challenge; developing skills for the future essential.
  • Remaining relevant – businesses have to create more from less to remain competitive and relevant in future markets.

This multi-faceted program combines workshops, webinars, coaching and key deliverables (such as white papers, keynotes, and profile writing) and can be run as a 3, 6 or 12-month program.

Elevate ™

Getting women to more senior positions is not as simple as a pep talk or a group hug. This program helps women stand up, step up and level up.

It addresses multiple facets, from mindset, and skills sets, to support and much more.

Female leadership holds enormous potential for your organisation, and value for your business. You need to take a longer-term view to shift your culture into this exciting arena.

This program has been designed to run as a two day workshop, 4 day program or intensive 6-12 month program.

We will develop skills, create action plans and build vital stakeholder engagement when it comes to women in leadership.

Thought Leadership

Want to differentiate your company from your competitors? To be seen as a market leader in your field?

Turn your top talent, into your organisation’s super stars.

This in-house program focuses on taking a select few of your key personnel and helping them capture, package and share their ideas so your organisation is seen as a thought leader in your industry.

This 6 to 8-month program is for organisations that are looking to:

  • become positioned as a leader in your market
  • differentiated from your competitors
  • increase sales and brand leadership positioning through enhanced relationships
  • contribute to growth targets through increased exposure at conferences and industry events
  • drive knowledge transfer within the business
  • attract, retain, reward and develop talent.

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