Impactful, inciteful and thought provoking. Book a powerful keynote
for your event on leadership, collaboration, connections that matter and drive change in your organisation.

I’m regularly booked (sometimes up to a year in advance) to deliver keynote presentations for global conferences, organisation initiatives and senior leadership development programs.

Four of my most popular keynotes are listed below, but I always happily develop each and every keynote according to your specific needs and objectives.

All keynote packages include pre-event planning, phone calls and research.

If you really want to connect to your audience then I can organise bulk-purchase copies of my books, customised covers and even special CEO messages printed within the book. Together we can make your event really achieve your objectives.

Keynote #1Step up and lead

‘Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average’, says motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

The rate of technological change and the ‘volatile stability’ of today’s global business environment mean that great leaders cannot afford to stand still or sit back and rest on past successes.

If you’re a leader of today or tomorrow then you need to understand your own path and purpose. Why are you leading? What do you want to succeed at? Who are you really?

You need to constantly innovate, reinvent yourself, and actively listen and collaborate if you want to be successful in the 21st- century. You must positively impact your customers, your team and your bottom line.

This keynote will inspire and motivate your team and organisation into embracing a new style of leadership, into taking control and ownership for the part they have to play to drive change and ongoing success now and into the future.

Keynote #2Network for success

How many times have you been told, ‘you really have to network’? That networking is ‘essential for your growth and personal success’?

Do you jump up and down with joy at this idea, eager to get out there and meet new people? Or do you cringe with horror, thinking you’d much rather be spending your time doing something else you actually like, is more fun or seems more worthwhile than notching up a couple more friends on your Facebook page?

The adage ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ has significant more weight now more than ever. Jobs are taken before they are advertised and previously unthought-of collaborations appear out of nowhere to create new and competitive markets and steal market share.

Networking still matters – but it’s your network that matters more.

Let me motivate you to take networking out of the ‘too-hard basket’ and empower you and your team to take control of your own small, strategic network that is fit for the 21st-century. Learn how to tap into the right opportunities that fast-track your success.

Keynote #3From Me To We

The business landscape is changing at an incredibly fast pace. We feel uncertain and constantly challenged, especially as business leaders of today’s organisations who have to remain relevant as we race to the future.

Here’s the real challenge – that ‘Me’ space you’ve lived in for so long isn’t enough anymore.

To succeed on a long-term, sustainable basis, we need to engage and innovate, to work together, to make things happen.

The only thing that is certain is that you cannot move quick enough alone.

We must move quickly together, as collective intelligence. Together, we work faster and smarter. This new collaborative way of working is key. Moving from Me to We, is essential for ideation, creation, innovation and influence.

You will leave this keynote feeling more than just motivated or convinced you need to work together, you will leave with an understanding on how to influence more, collaborate better and evolve and be relevant to your future.

Keynote #4Empower Change

Sure the workplace is changing, but it is still not a place of equality.

Women in Australia control 75% of the spending power in their households. They decide what to buy, and when to buy it. Yet they are still earning, on average, 17.5% less than men.

Now is the time to not only lean in, but to lean out – as business leaders, entrepreneurs, and male and female colleagues in this world. You need to walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.

It takes ALL of us to drive change. You need to, together, make and affect real change for once and for all.

This keynote will challenge you, your female leaders and rising stars to do more. Together, we need to drive individual ownership, take action and change our behaviour

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